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The whole spectrum from the planning phase to the turnkey handover

Designing a new home or a renovation process can be stressful and could involve few different parties, could contain many difficulty.

We at MILLA DESIGN offer a solution so you just have to focus on the creative part of the process

Create a vision/dream your new home together , the rest leave it to us!

About me

I have been working as an interior designer for years. 

For me it is important that my future works would reflect the personality of the residents who will live within, so I try to bring diversity, keep an eye of everyday life situation, creating/making livable result.

Hajdu Kamilla

Planning / Construction

We taking jobs as creating plans for complete houses or apartments that we can develop with our experienced team so that you should just enjoy the final result.

Products / Showroom

 We constantly searching for special interior design solutions, that inspirated us to create our showroom, where we carefully selected every of our products.

Our Prices


15.000 HUF/hour

Our light consultation suits you in the case that you visiting our shop with concrete plans but still need our professional support, which ideas we can represent for you with our exhibited items.?

In the case you later you want to update and purchuase a higher package, than we deduct the price of the light package.


8000-15000 HUF / Sqm

If you need our help just in certain details, meanwhile you don?t want to give us the full control of the construction and administrative process, Optimum package could be a good solution to you.?

This package contains a complete 3D visual design plan, and a presentation with our items.?


20000-30000 HUF / Sqm

We offer our Premium package if you want us to take all the burdens from your shoulder and you just want to enjoy the final result in a form of an aesthetic home.

Our offer contains the full management of the process starting from the plan making until the final turnkey moment.?

We offer you a 30 minutes free consultation as a gift.

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