Planning and Construction

Inner Design

For the first time we don?t even think that how complicated and difficult can be in the case of a house or an apartment to pair the different pieces together that fulfill different functions, to reach an overall aesthetic, harmonizing result.

I suggest, that even at the planning phase ask for a designer?s advice, since there are many decisions, that have to be made in the early stages of the constraction / renovation, but just fulfill their roles later like the sockets, lamp placements, mechanization, and so on.

We await our customers in our showroom for a light consultation to get to know their personality and style, so based on those informations I try to do my best of my abilities to plan a livable home which function well, and in the terms of aesthetics will be joy to return into.

About the process

We working together with a construction brigade which is crafted into a team and gain lot of experience during the years, so we can support you in any segment.

Therefore at the planning phase we don?t have to stop working together, from ideas we craft/create reality.

Next to the complete construction we can take installation works from any material of our shop, starting from wallpapers to all the way until illuminated stone veneer, individually designed wall decoration, space divider items made of wood.

You can also entrust us crafting curtains made of home textiles from our shop selection.

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